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Here are the top five reasons our clients choose to hire contractors:

  1. An increase in workload due to new projects means there are not enough internal staff to get the work done
  2. There’s a need for specifically skilled personnel who are not part of the internal workforce
  3. Additional skilled resource is required to meet operational demands, but there’s a freeze on hiring permanent staff
  4. The organisation requires a flexible “roll on – roll off” work force to meet its business needs
  5. Project requirements, including the planned length, mean that it isn’t necessary to hire permanent staff

When one considers the total cost of employing a resource, hiring a contractor can often be at least as cost-effective as hiring a highly skilled permanent resource. The following costs are typically (depending on where the assignment is based) the responsibility of the contractor: resident visas, work permits, relocation, schooling fees, holiday benefits, health insurances, pensions, training, sick pay and workers’ compensation taxes. Also because contractors are experts in their field there is the additional benefit that they are often "up to speed" very quickly.

We understand how important the issue of compliance is when hiring a contractor. Using our years of experience and close partner network, here’s how we guarantee total compliance:

Immigration & residence – We will only ever provide contractors to an organisation if they have the right to work and live in the country where they will be based. Through our immigration partner network we can provide contractors with work permits and visas if required.

Taxation and social security contributions – We register all our consultants with the fiscal authorities of the country where the contractor will be working. This ensures that relevant statutory contributions are made and the contractor is compliant with all country fiscal requirements.

Employment legislation – We have many years’ experience of placing contractors around the world. Based on our experience, and our partner network of employment specialists, we make sure that our consultants work through structured employment contracts so that you are protected from co-employment risks.

Ability for RIZE to work in country – Sometimes for us to transact business within a country there are a number of corporate statutory requirements we must meet e.g. local billing. Our extensive partner network and experience in this industry means we always work legally and compliantly.

We like to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible. Here’s our five step process for finding you a suitable contractor:  

  1. We agree full details of the project, including terms and conditions, pricing, duration and location
  2. We work with you to produce a job specification and candidate profile
  3. We identify and qualify suitable candidates then provide a shortlist and send CVs to you
  4. After feedback, we arrange convenient interviews either face to face or over the phone
  5. You select a candidate, a start date is agreed and the contract begins

Any questions? Please feel free to get in touch.

We use a variety of methods to source candidates. These include:

  • Using our bespoke internal database of over 50,000 ICT professionals
  • Executive search and head-hunting for senior level positions
  • Holding regular candidate roadshow events – RIZE’s most recent events have been in London, Munich, Berlin, Zurich and Johannesburg
  • Targeted marketing over different global media e.g. LinkedIn, Monster, Xing, Jobserve and various forums and social media platforms
  • With a highly experienced and well connected team of consultants RIZE has an enormous worldwide referral network  

We have a highly experienced team of candidate recruiters, many from an ICT background themselves.

Our recruiters are rigorously trained to screen candidates to gauge the level and strength of a candidate’s experience. They will then have a detailed discussion with the candidate about their career to date, employment preferences and level of commitment to a specific role.

We arrange background and reference checks on candidates to verify their work experience.

If required, our recruiters can also carry out specific psychometric, behavioural and technical testing tailored to clients’ requirements.  

This is a hard question to answer, as contractor cost depends on the type and level of skill you are looking for, the duration of the contract and where you are based.

Our experience in benchmarking rates across a diverse range of skill sets in a broad range of locations means you will not be overcharged, and you will get value for money.

In fact, often, once you’ve offset the indirect costs of hiring a permanent employee (relocation fees, holiday/health benefits and social statutory contributions) the cost of hiring a contractor can be very similar to the total cost of a permanent resource. 

If you’d like more specific information or guidance regarding pricing please do not hesitate to contact us.